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Public Notices

Public notices...
They have been around since before the American Revolution. The purpose remains the same: to inform citizens about government actions and do so where people want and expect that information. 
For newspapers that place is in print, in black and white in our newspapers. 
For those who want to search, there is a website link above to a site that houses all Public Notices submitted in the State of Ohio. 
This means if you want to know about the landfill being proposed next to the park or about bids that are being taken for a project in your community for a new facility or your trash service, this is the place to go, after thumbing through your local community newspaper, of course. 
The site is also a great reference tool for those looking at moving to a new area or just want to see what public notices have been places in the previous weeks and months in their vicinity. They are searchable by various parameters and appear just as they do in print publications across Ohio.
National Edition Public Notices - November 2016 - Present
Public Notices - Local Edition - November 2016 - Present