Taking to the skies easier thanks to upgrades at Holmes Airport

By Jacob Mahaffey
The Budget

A project that utilized the superior workmanship of several local companies and the generosity of Wayne Dalton has an official DONE stamp on it at the Holmes County Airport.

For manager Larry Clark as well as the Holmes County Airport Authority Board of the Directors, the completed project is one that everyone is excited to see come to a close. It included a host of upgrades including the replacement of doors, installation of new doors and cement at the facility located just minutes from Millersburg.

A total of four hangers were outfitted with new doors worth about $60,000 that were donated by Wayne Dalton, a company in Mt. Hope that actually houses a plane at the facility.

Concrete work was left to the skilled hands of Keim Concrete after grading and prep work was completed by Straitline Structures. The doors themselves were installed by Trackside Overhead Doors of Sugarcreek.

The doors have enabled the Holmes County Airport to actually rent two more of their hangers which is generating new income for the group.

For David Monsour, an application engineering manager at Wayne Dalton, working with the project was a natural choice. “We like to support the local community,” he said. “This was a good opportunity to do so.”

Wayne Dalton worked hand-in-hand with Ray Stoltzfus of Trackside on the project. Stoltzfus has been installing Wayne Dalton products for 23 years and was happy to get involved at the request of Clark who met him while piloting the family to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The newly installed doors were completed with openers to make access to the hangers easier than ever before. The runway that is 4,400 feet long was approved for use by the FAA in 2015. The facility offers 24/7 services as well as flying lessons.

For more info, contact Clark at 330-674-1633. The address is 4501 Township Road 307, Millersburg with access from State Route 39.