The One & Only: Jessica Miller

This week’s One & Only is a face familiar to Sugarcreek as she is a graduate of Garaway High. Her dreams took her to Ohio University and then to Colorado. Now, she is in California, working for Facebook.

Read on to learn more about Jessica.

Full name: Jessica Lynn Miller…but only my mother calls me that.

Age/Birth Date: I turned 27 on October 23.

Current community: San Francisco, California Marital status: Single and happy

Occupation: As a Content Strategist at Facebook, I write and design digital products that help small businesses advertise successfully across the Facebook family of apps.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, trail running, surfing, yoga, horticulture, reading, and riding horses with my dad when I’m at home

Birthplace: Union Hospital in Dover, Ohio

Favorite television show: Arrested Development

Favorite movies: Recent – The Hate U Give; Favorite movie of all time: Pulp Fiction

Last book I read: Drown by Junot Díaz

First job: Mail carrier at Keim Lumber, and then tour guide at Yoder’s Amish Home

Worst job: Waitressing at Red Lobster for extra cash during endless shrimp season. Ugh…

Favorite childhood memory: During the summer, my mom would wake us up early to weed the garden and pick strawberries, but then sometimes she would take us to Lake Park in Coshocton with our cousins. Those were the best days…

Favorite music: Classical and hip-hop Favorite food: My mom’s mashed potatoes and my grandma’s apple pie. I always ask my mom to bring me fry pies from home when she comes to visit me.

Best idea I ever had: Starting my own business in Colorado.

Worst idea I ever had: Starting my own business in Colorado. I say this because it was a ton of hard work, I was poor for a long time, and had to take on a bunch of odd jobs like being a camp counselor and math tutor to make enough money to pay rent. But in a way, it was also the best idea I ever had, because I was able to build up my writing portfolio and make connections that helped me get a job as a UX (user experience) writer at a design agency in Denver, which eventually led to me getting my dream job at Facebook.

Three words that describe me: Not very shy

I am known for my: homemade guacamole recipe, extensive hip-hop record collection, and my ability to fall asleep anywhere

I’d give anything to meet: Martin Luther King, Jr. or Beyonce

I try very hard to hide the fact that I: don’t shower every day

The career I fantasize having is: I’ve already got it. ☺

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is: Take it from someone who has never stayed at one job for longer than a year…quitting is good. The best way to get to where you want in life is by quickly eliminating the negative things that suck the energy out of you. You can get to the greatest common denominator of your life by constantly pushing yourself to try new things and new experiences, and the second you find yourself saying “This isn’t fun anymore,” drop it and find something new. By process of elimination, you will find yourself with a person, job, and career that you love!

People would be surprised to know that: when I was in high school I wanted to be an actress on Broadway. (Then again, I don’t know if anyone would be surprised by that)

The one thing I would still like to try is: skydive, hike the base of Mount Everest, do an archeological dig in Mexico, and backpack through South America.

If I could give any gift to anyone in the world, it would be: Cleveland Indians season tickets for my dad and my brothers, some sort of high-tech greenhouse for my mom where she could grow all kinds of exotic plants, good health for both of my grandmothers, and enough money to allow everyone in my family to live comfortably.

If given the opportunity, I would ask the President: Why are you trying to take away transgender people’s right to exist?

People tell me I remind them of: Jess from the show The New Girl. (I mean, we do have the same name…)

Choose a movie title for the story of your life: From Sugarcreek to Silicon Valley

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? Invisibility and weightlessness and flight, so I could drift in and out of any surface and no one would ever know I was there.

Organizations: Ohio University Alumni Association, Book Club @ Facebook, Running Club of Menlo Park

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