Storage units newest addition to Tim Immel Construction

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

For Tim Immel retired Garaway Industrial Technology teacher, the golden years of retirement have been busy, perhaps busier than when he was working full time.

Why? Immel started his own construction business – Tim Immel Construction – and has been having fun ever since. “I’ve been blessed with an enjoyable retirement,” Immel shared. “I had a great career. I loved every minute of it. And now I’m working and loving it even more.”

For Immel, the dream was to build a business that he could someday handoff to his son, Ryan. And when the time came to Ryan to step up and help, he left his job as a firefighter in South Carolina and came back to the cold chill of Ohio. “We both knew it was the right thing to go into business,” Ryan Immel said.

“Most people think I’m crazy,” Tim Immel said. “They tell me, ‘you are retired, enjoy it.’ And I do because I enjoy this community.”

And while the timing wasn’t exactly right as the recession hit 10 years ago and the first jobs were in Newark and Granville, times have changed. “Now we barely leave Sugarcreek and the local area,” Tim Immel noted with a grin.

The family-laced business complete with Susie in charge of the numbers has expanded. First, it was out of necessity as both Ryan and Tim’s garages and driveways were filled with equipment. “This property came at the right time thanks to Belden and here we are,” Tim Immel stated of the piece of land off Steinebrey Ridge Road.

“I’m happy to have my driveway back,” Susie Immel said with a snicker.

“This is a new chapter for us,” Ryan Immel said. “We are excited.”

The chapter includes storage units available in three sizes – 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20. “We took the time and did it right,” Tim Immel shared. “We have lights and there are security cameras up and going. The drive is solid blacktop.”

There is also outdoor storage areas available for campers, boats, and anything else people have a need to store. “People’s possessions will be protected here,” Ryan Immel said. “This has been an idea for us for over 10 years and now we are making it happen.”
The pair has done extensive work for the Village of Sugarcreek and is currently looking at a project for Sugarcreek Township. “It is about giving back to the community as much as we can,” Tim Immel said.

For more info on the units that will be available for rent on November 10, call 330-243-2864.