Green light for red light at Hiland intersection

By Josh Yoder
The Budget

Two synchronized lights will be the crown jewels of a safety project slated for the intersections of County Road 77 and Township Road 367 with State Route 39 near Hiland High School in 2020.

Holmes County Commissioner Joe Miller noted that the project, spearheaded by the community, has been in the making for several years. “We started on this, three, maybe four, years ago,” he explained. “When the state does studies, they only do areas where there has been a fatal accident. There’s been a lot of bumps [at this intersection] but no one gets hurt.”

If Holmes County Commissioners wanted the project to be completed, they had to pony some money up to the table. And pony Holmes County did to the tune of $600,000, as did Berlin Township who has agreed to pay $150,000.

Plans were recently approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation and include not one, but two lights that will be synchronized to help aid traffic flow in the offset tee intersection that leaves drivers trying to guess what oncoming traffic might be doing.

A pair of left turn lanes will be added in addition to widened lanes, storm sewers, lighting and, even curbing. The intersections will also be straightened to 90-degree angles to State Route 39.

Construction is expected to go from April to October.

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