Body cams rolling in Sugarcreek

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

Members of Sugarcreek Council were on camera Monday night, body camera that is.

Sugarcreek Police Chief Kevin Kaser shared that body cameras are now fully-functional within the department. “They are very helpful,” he shared. “It is a neat system.”

Kaser explained that the cameras have already proven themselves as help in evidence collection in a current case. He noted that the camera’s ease of use is also important. “You can hit a button if something is going on and it can go back two minutes and begin recording,” Kaser shared. “That means if you are walking up on something and need that extra footage, you have it.”

The system has been fully integrated with the WiFi at the Sugarcreek Police Station. “With the WiFi, the system is able to sync immediately,” Kaser said. “If you have been at the department about 20 minutes, everything will have been uploaded and you can search it.”

Utilizing the in-car camera system in addition to the body cameras, there are now many options for view of a scene. “The latest cameras we purchased are panoramic,” Kaser stated. With the uploads, Kaser noted the system is now always up to date at the end of the shift. “This was definitely worth your money,” he said.

In other action, council: APPROVED placement of a historical marker in Shanesville if one is procured by the newly-formed Shanesville Historical Society. Ideally, the piece that would be visually similar to the marker at the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock, would be located next to the Shanesville Museum.

SET a meeting of the Finance Committee for 6:45 p.m. on Monday, November 5 to discuss the availability of funds to purchase a new street sweeper. The current unit is from 1995 and not working well. A demo unit with less than 100 miles on it is available for purchase for $227,268.48 which includes a savings of $12,000 given as a trade-in discount on the current unit.

LEARNED leaf pick-up in Sugarcreek will begin on Monday, October 22 and continue each Monday until all leaves have been picked up. Residents are asked to use bags no larger than 33 gallons in size. Bags should be tied shut and placed at the edge of the road by 7 a.m.

ACCEPTED the resignation of Zach Bailey from Sugarcreek Fire and Rescue. APPROVED an extension of a tax abatement for Eagle Machinery for five years at 50 percent reduction. The original agreement was passed 10 years ago and was for a 75 percent reduction. The measure will be shared with the Garaway Board of Education who must also agree to the terms.