Women reminded they are loved, chosen, forgiven

By Beverly Keller
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Women, in general, are their own worst critic.

With that in mind, Circle of Friends Ministries has put together a Women’s Conference set for this Saturday, October 20, from 9 a.m. – noon at Grace Mennonite Church in Berlin. The theme: Loved. Chosen. Forgiven… Embracing Your Identity as a Daughter of God. Dawn Yoder and Lisa Troyer will be on hand to help with worship music.

Carefully picked was the guest speaker, Tanya Glanzman, LPC. She is a licensed professional counselor who works with women as they recover from traumatic situations and has also recently joined the Board of Directors at Circle of Friends, a group she has been involved with in various ways since meeting Lisa Troyer in 2010.

Glanzman writes as My Father’s Daughter as her ministry and, in so doing, offers hope wrapped with grace and filled with truth that bridges gaps, fills in blanks and helps women understand what it really means to be the daughter of God. Her words will be instrumental for women who are working to heal from the past, embrace the present and develop themselves to be equipped for a future guided by God.

The graduate of Liberty University has a master’s in professional counseling. “I felt led to pursue a career as a Christian Counselor, specializing in women’s trauma recovery because the Lord laid upon my heart the great need of hurting and broken women to find hope and healing through the truth of God’s Word,” Glanzman shared. “Through my own life experiences and those of the women I had encountered through ministry, who had been through similar abusive and traumatic pasts, I was keenly aware of the various areas that kept women ‘stuck’ in places they truly desired to be free from.”

She noted that seeing women who were paralyzed by fear and at a loss on how to move impacted her. Glanzman noted that friendships, parenting, marriage were just some of the areas impacted in a woman’s life by abuse, rejection, and abandonment by those who were to love them. “I believe that through sharing life-changing truth with this population I will be able to help them move forward and live the life they were intended to live, despite what they had done or what had been done to them,” Glanzman explained.

For Glanzman, a child of parents who struggled with the demons of addiction and mental illness, abandonment became real at the age of 10. Until the age of 14, she endured abuse of many kinds. “My personal journey of healing has enabled me to overcome many struggles including self-mutilation, an eating disorder, self-hatred, suicide attempts, and relational attachment and intimacy issues,” she shared. “As a result of God’s truth, [I have experienced] healing and restoration in my life. I am so thankful to have been able to overcome each of these struggles to live a life that is full of peace, joy, and purpose.”

Today, Glanzman has been married for 22 years to a man she describes as abundantly patient. “In my thankfulness, I am humbled by the realization of all the Lord has strengthened us to walk through, including my daughter being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 13 and 2.5 years of treatment we walked through,” Glanzman recounted.

Looking towards her presentation this weekend, Glanzman shared some insight on the topic of “Loved. Chosen. Forgiven.” “Many women dismiss their own value because they struggle to look past their own struggles or failures to see themselves as God sees them,” she shared. “Knowledge and understanding that God chooses each one of us to shine through in a specific and unique way enables every woman to walk in significance and purpose.”

She went on to explain what she believes about the relationship between a woman and God. “I believe that what you believe about God and what you believe God believes about you are critical components to living a life of freedom and purpose,” Glanzman explained. “So many women have a skewed view of God as “Father” because of what they have endured at the hands of imperfect humans who, in their best efforts, have failed to be an adequate conduit of God’s perfect love for them. When women have a clear and unshakeable understanding of how very much they are loved by God, it impacts every part of their world.”

Glanzman underscored the importance for women to understand that their past is just that, the past. “Our past is a part of who we are, and there are many things we may never be able to forget,” she shared. “However, through the healing made available to us through the truth of God’s Word, we do not have to remain present victims of our past circumstances. A definitive understanding of what it truly means to be forgiven by God enables women to walk free of guilt and condemnation, a weight that keeps so very many trapped in continued unhealthy behaviors. Knowing that they are completely forgiven, frees women to live the lives they were created to live.”

Professionally speaking, Glanzman noted that she often tells her clients that healed wounds no longer hurt. “Our past experiences, as well as our mistakes, should be a stepping stone from which we learn, grow, and heal,” she said. “When we are able to establish truth regarding our past while embracing God’s tremendous love and healing for us, we are able to move forward in a healthy, positive way.”

The church is located at 5850 County Road 77 in Berlin (Millersburg for the GPS). Tickets can be purchased online at circleoffriends.fm or in person at the Gospel Book Store in Berlin as well as at the door.

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