Chocolate “walk” set for Holmes County this weekend

By Josh Yoder
The Budget

It could be safe to say that there will be some Oompa Loompas running wild putting finishing touches on Holmes County’s first Chocolate Tour next week. Those characters who are known for hard work and lessons taught can be found in the folks who run the Food Pantry at Millersburg’s Church of God.

For board members like Evelyn Wooten, the research for the event started with communication between herself and other chair people of similar events in other states. She got the rundown on what works, how to get it done and insight into the anatomy of the event. Most importantly, however, Wooten learned about the pitfalls that can be associated with such an event. With that information in mind, the group put together the first-ever Holmes County Chocolate Walk.

The “walk” though is best done by car though as the places are spread out over Millersburg, Walnut Creek and Berlin. Although if one was a runner, it might be a great way to get around and burn off the extra calories from the sweet treats.

Normally an event like this has about 10 stops. Well, as we all know, Holmes County knows how to do things bigger and better. Remember the world record for the Largest Buffet is still held here in Holmes County! This tour is mega-sized and has not 10, not 20, but more than 30 stops. Yes, you read that right, there are 32 places to pop in and get a treat. To get a treat, one must purchase a ticket for $20 that includes all the stops.

Gentlemen: Next weekend is Sweetest Day. Why not purchase a ticket and enjoy some time sightseeing and some sweet treats along the way?
Wondering what to expect? There will be chocolate-enrobed treats, chocolate fountains, milk chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolate-coated goodness, and even homemade buckeyes. Yes, you read that correctly, homemade sweet peanut butter treats that have been dipped in just the perfect amount of chocolate.

Funds generated from the walk will benefit the Food Pantry run by the church. The event is ideal for the group as their church is small in numbers but mighty in spirit. The church had several other fundraisers in the past but as the group to run them became smaller, it was necessary to find another way.

A facet that sets the Chocolate Walk apart from other events can be found in a side contest. A caramel kiss chocolate diamond necklace, valued at over $900, will be up for grabs in a contest. At each stop, patrons of the tour will have the opportunity to earn more entries. Some options include making a purchase while others involve taking a photo at the business or posting on social media.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at participating businesses like the Walnut Creek Country Store, Gospel Book Store, and Hotel Millersburg to name a few. The cost is $20 per ticket.
That ticket will be turned in at the registration center for the event which will be located at the German Village Center in Berlin. Ticketholders will be given a passport that lists each participating business, a map, and a goody bag.

The passports will have three squares per merchant. The first square is stamped for stopping in. The second is stamped if a purchase is made. The third is stamped when they take a photo in the store and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.

After patrons have visited all they wish to take in, they simply leave the passport at the last business they visit. Wooten and her team will pick up completed passports on Monday, October 22 and make entry tickets for each sticker on the passport. If a patron visited all 32 businesses, made a purchase at each and took a photo for social media, they would have 90 entries for the necklace.

A Facebook Live event has been set for October 22 at 1 p.m. where a winner will be chosen. There is a limit of 300 total tickets for the event. For more info, call 330-600-8902.

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