Sugarcreek Rotary seeks partners for hitching rail project

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

After being alerted of a need, the Sugarcreek Rotary has put together a plan to meet it, but needs the community’s help to make the project a reality.

“The community has brought to Rotary a request for a hitching post located at the Garaway-Belden Community Center,” explained John Miller, President of SUPERB Industries, who is leading the project. “Our club President, Ryan Rowe has established a grant from our district office and donations from our community budget.”

The estimated cost of the project is $10,250. Rotary has donated $4,500 towards the project, leaving a balance of costs at around $5,750. This cost includes site preparation, gravel, the hitching rail itself, installation, concrete, rebar, and finishing. The rail will be 100 feet long and able to fit 12 buggies comfortably on the concrete slab to be poured on the east side of the community center towards the baseball fields.

A hitching rail during events like the Rotary Pancake Day and other community functions as well as school-based events like kindergarten registration would allow those who utilize that type of transportation easier access to the facility. Currently, the closest rail is located at a private business, Park Street Pizza while the closest public hitching rail is located on Broadway next to the Commercial and Savings Bank.

Miller noted that there are several ways that the community can get involved. Donating funds is one option but there is also a need for supplies and volunteers. The more supplies and labor donated to the project, the lower the final cost will be which will lower the actual amount of money needed to complete the project.

A timeline has not yet been established for installation of the hitching rail that has already been approved by the Garaway Board of Education.

To learn more or donate, contact Miller at 330-283-4447 or via email at or Rowe at

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