Skyline Homes, employees give back to community

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

For a pair of Skyline Homes of Sugarcreek employees, seeing a need resulted in action at the Shelmar Mobile Home Park in New Philadelphia.

Anthony Roberson and Collin Clark knew there were lots of children who call Shelmar home. They knew the children huddled together in the wind and cold to try to keep each other warm and they hid under backpacks on rainy days at the bus stop located near the entrance.

The pair, who work together at Skyline on a daily basis, came up with a list of materials needed and approached Jim Johnson, Division Manager of Skyline Homes Sugarcreek about the project. “We took measurements and made a list,” Clark shared.

“When they came to me with a list in hand, I was excited,” Johnson said. “We are always looking for opportunities to help the community.”

With a working list of materials that were dropped off for them at the location just off East High Avenue in New Philadelphia, the men set to work, during a blizzard. “It was near whiteout conditions when we started,” Roberson said. “It was snowing and blowing.”

“Yes, it was a bad day,” Clark recalled. “We had plastic trash bags and stuff on our extension cords to try to keep things dry. We had hot hands but they weren’t even working. It was just that cold.”

Despite the conditions, the pair worked for over five hours that day. They started with a concrete floor and what Roberson and Clark decided was a metal roof that once covered a porch at the trailer park.

Over the course of several days spread out after the weather improved, the pair worked hard. “We framed it up and added the smart siding,” Clark explained. “Then we fixed the leaks in the roof.”

The pair painted the area and added a solar-powered light fixture for good measure. The final few hours were spent cleaning up the area and getting the school bus stop shed ready to use. For Roberson, who has several children ranging in age from 8 to 15, the building is great. “I know they are using it,” he said. “I also know that not all kids get picked up right away and now they have a place out of the weather to wait for the bus in the morning and to be dropped off at in the evening.”

For human resources representative Dave Moreland at Skyline Homes, the project is much more than a shed. “I’m proud of these guys who make a great team,” he said. “They were motivated for the right reasons to do something that positively impacted others and acted on their ability to give back.”

“It really felt good to be trusted to get this project done,” Roberson said.

Clark agreed and noted that he knows the children of Shelmar appreciated the effort. “It feels good to do something for the kids,” he said.

Johnson noted that it was great to see the initiative put forth by employees at the Sugarcreek facility. “We are proud of our employees,” he said. “They saw a need, they made a plan, and stuck with it, even when the weather was a blizzard.”

When asked if they would do it again, the pair smiled and said “yes.”

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