Baltic Council discusses wages, benefits

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

After a lengthy discussion, members of Baltic Council agreed to several changes in pay rates for various employees for 2019.

Changes were approved as follows: Fiscal Officer – $18 per hour; Street Superintendent – $18.15 per hour; Water Billing – $17 per hour.

In a related matter, Fiscal Officer Rose Baxter noted that her hours were capped at 30 hours per week and there are times where she doesn’t have enough hours to get done what needs to be done. In addition, there are new duties she will be assigned when the Baltic Fire and Rescue takes over Swiss Valley Joint Ambulance District later this year.

As a result, council agreed to allow Baxter up to five hours extra per week (making the cap on hours at 35 per week) to complete her assigned tasks.

In a related matter, the group discussed payment for the training of those who wish to serve on Baltic Fire and Rescue. Fire Chief Jim Lorenz noted the department is young, which is a good thing for its longevity. “These people want to serve,” he said. “How can we ask for payment from people who want to help?”

He noted that the entire fire department was willing to come to council to voice their concern in requiring payment for classes. Village Council agreed to pay training costs for basic fire and EMT classes ($600 and $1,000 respectively) with the stipulation that the volunteer serves Baltic at least one year.

In other action, council:

APPROVED purchase of decals for village equipment in the amount of $500 from EconoSigns.

APPROVED the replacement of a sign on Maple that says, “No Thru Trucks.”

LEARNED 125 tons of salt was ordered. Cost went up from $35 per ton to $85 per ton. A total of 50 tons of the order is for Clark Township.

LEARNED Wes Croft from Ohio Rural Water is working with the Village of Baltic on an EPA-mandated assessment plan that is due October 1.

LEARNED new lock systems have been installed at both the Water and Waste Water Departments. It was noted that keys from a former employee were asked for and not turned in. In a related matter, the same employee did not return a cell phone issued to him. The phone has been shut off. The group agreed that several other buildings will have the locks changed as a matter of security.

APPROVED a measure that sets a standard when dealing with purchases. If it is less than $1,000, a purchase order is not needed. This is helpful when purchasing small items like grass seed at a local business.

LEARNED paperwork concerning the annexation of property on the south end of the Village of Baltic has been submitted. The process will take several months to complete.

HEARD the Baltic Homecoming was well attended. The Baltic Fire Department served up 75 gallons of ice cream.

LEARNED Gessner is working on repairs on roads throughout Baltic but is officially unable to repair the hill leading up to Baltic Elementary. Baltic is waiting for Newton Asphalt to bid the job. It is not clear if they can complete the project yet this year or if it will be done first in 2019 when the weather is favorable.

LEARNED a pop-up library from the Tuscarawas County Library will take place each Monday, starting September 10 through December 17, from 3 – 7 p.m.

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