Village of Baltic adds personnel

The Village of Baltic is located just south of Sugarcreek on State Route 93.

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

Members of Baltic Council heard from Alisha Oswald, on behalf of the Baltic Board of Public Affairs, last week. She brought information to the table concerning personnel.

She explained that Tim Griffith had submitted a letter noting his intent to retire as of August 15. Griffith has served as the operator of record at the water and waste water departments in the Village of Baltic. Currently, the department is staffed by Matt Miller, who is in the process of obtaining his water license.

To be compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, there must be a licensed operator at each plant. The Village approved a contract with Don Walkup, who currently serves as the Water Superintendent in Sugarcreek. He holds both water and waste water licenses. He will be paid a salary of $800 per month and must work 1.5 hours per week in both the water and waste water departments.

It was noted that new employee Wayne Regula was issued a cell phone to use for work. Employees who need to get alarms from the water and waste water systems will be issued a $50 per month payment for use of their personal cell phone for the service. Fiscal Officer Rose Baxter noted that it is cheaper to pay a reimbursement than to purchase cell service and phones.

In another, unrelated personnel matter, council approved Mayor Lana Guisinger’s appointment of Alex Kern to Baltic Fire and Rescue.

In other action, council:

DISCUSSED at length a home on Orchard Street that has been brought to the attention of the Village of Baltic because of the number of dogs at the home, 11 currently. It was learned there are no laws as to how many dogs can be at a home. There are several adults living there and each owns some of the dogs in question that are all licensed.

APPROVED the purchase of materials needed to complete work by NewPointe Community Church volunteers during Community Impact Day. “We are so thankful for their help,” Mayor Guisinger said.

LEARNED Gessner is not able to pave a portion of School House Hill and is working to get Newton Asphalt to take that part of the job.

LEARNED a retirement party for Tim Griffith will be held on Tuesday, July 31, at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.
HEARD that speed bumps installed on Cherry Drive and other nearby areas will be removed as they have not slowed traffic. Instead, motorists are going faster to jump them.

HEARD Mayor Guisinger praise the work of Councilman Zach Fanning along with Doug Ott and Mike Maurer of Bucks Township for their work in the Baltic Cemetery.

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