Online Exclusive: Funny money found in Holmes

Fake money like this is being passed in Holmes County.

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

In the past 24-hours, the Millersburg Police Department has been called a host of local businesses in reference to counterfeit currency being passed.
The $5 bills in question are from Japan and can be purchased online from various websites. They have common marks on them that allow them to be quickly recognized as fake. However, these marks are being blacked out with a marker or torn off completely, making spotting them a bit harder.

At first glance, this may appear to be a real $5 bill. However, look closely and you will see pink Japanese writing on it.

According to the Millersburg Police Department, the bills have two black bands in the upper right corner of the bill on the front. The bands contain wording that continues onto the back side of the bill. There is also a pink stamp on the front and back of the bill that contains Japanese writing. To remove this, the bills are often washed. Some also use erasers to remove the pink area, leaving a brighter white field than normal.

Anyone who has received the fake $5 bills is urged to contact the Millersburg Police Department as soon as possible at 330-674-5931.