Kaufman Realty still alive in Class A Baseball tourney

Budget Sports Report

In the first game of tourney action in Class A baseball, third-placed Kaufman Realty took on Mr. Trailer at Dover Park.

Mr. Trailer jumped out to an early lead with two runs in the top of the first inning and held Kaufman scoreless in the bottom. They added another run in the top of the second to bring the game to 3 – 0 in favor of Mr. Trailer.

However, Kaufman responded in the bottom of the second with two runs thanks to the powerhouse known as Mitch Massaro. He wound up and he whooped the ball into the outfield to earn a triple. That hit sent Todd Ropp and Austin Marko across home plate in the process which brought the score to 3 – 2 in favor of Mr. Trailer.

In the bottom of the fourth, Kaufman added another, thanks to the bat of Marko whose groundout allowed Hayden Mobley to score and Ropp to advance to third. This tied it all up at 3.

Mr. Trailer scored in the top of the fifth to go up again 4 to 3 over Kaufman. The bottom of the fifth was all about offense for Kaufman. Kobe Miller advanced to third on an error at third base. Tyson Gingerich also advanced to second on the same error. Mobley hit the ball hard to left field which allowed Gingerich to score and Richie Mast to advance.

Ropp’s whallop from the plate allowed Mast to score. However, Mobley was caught up between second and third and was tagged out at the base. Bryan Yoder tripled on the next pitch and allowed Ropp to score. Marko popped a fly and found first on an error that also allowed Yoder to score. Massaro once again belted the ball that allowed Marko to score. The tables had shifted and Kaufman was up 9 to 4 where the score stayed for the balance of the game.

RECAP: Batting – 2B: Mitch Massaro, Scott Troyer; 3B – Mitch Massaro, Bryan Yoder; TB: Mitch Massaro (5), Richie Mast, Hayden Mobley (2), Todd Ropp (2), Scott Troyer (2), Bryan Yoder (3); RBI – Mitch Massaro (3); Hayden Mobley, Todd Ropp, Scott Troyer, Bryan Yoder; SAC: Tyson Gingerinch; ROE: Tyson Gingerich, Austin Marko, Bryan Yoder; FC: Hayden Mobley; GIDP: Austin Marko; CS: Scott Troyer; QAB: 17 (53 percent); Tyson Gingerich, Austin Marko, Mitch Massaro (2), Richie Mast, Kobe Miller (2), Hayden Mobley, Todd Ropp (3), Scott Troyer (3), Bryan Yoder (3).

Garrett Harstine pitched for six innings and threw 96 pitches. Jordan Stutzman provided one inning of relief.

The win put Kaufman into the bracket to play Lauren Moose on Sunday afternoon at Tuscora Park.
Lauren Moose was first to strike with a run in the bottom of the second at Tuscora Park versus Kaufman Realty on Sunday.

Kaufman was wound up and ready and came back to score two runs in the top of the fourth. Scott Troyer homered a big old fly ball to left field that allowed C Miller to score taking the score to 2 – 1 in favor of Kaufman.

Both teams ground it out until Kaufman put two more on the board in the top of the sixth. Mobley lined out to right field followed by Ropp to third. Yoder got on base followed by Massaro who doubled to allow Yoder to get to third. Stone King followed and singled a hard grounder that allowed both Yoder and Massaro to score. This brought the score to 4 – 1 in favor of Kaufman where it stayed.

RECAP: Batting – 2B: Mitch Massaro, Hayden Mobley; HR: Scott Troyer; TB: Stone King, Mitch Massaro (2), Richie Mast, Cordell Miller, Hayden Mobley (2), Todd Ropp, Scott Troyer (4), Bryan Yoder (2); RBI: Stone King (2), Scott Troyer (2); ROE: Richie Mast; FC: Todd Ropp; QAB: 18 (56.25 percent); Tyson Gingerich (2), Stone King, Mitch Massaro (2), Richie Mast (2), Brandt Miller (2), Hayden Mobley (3), Todd Ropp (2), Scott Troyer (2), Bryan Yoder (2).

Jordan Yoder was the winning pitcher of record. He threw 106 pitches on the day. He was relieved by Braden Mast who pitched for one inning.

Kaufman won the opportunity to continue on the tournament trail. They will play Coshocton at Tuscora Park at 6 p.m. today (Wednesday, August 8).

Kaufman is currently 20 – 6 on the season in Tuscarawas County Class A Baseball. There were ranked third in the league, behind Coshocton B-Dry and Lauren Moose. The league was rounded out by B & L Transport at fourth, Blue Wave at fifth and Mr. Trailer at sixth.

After the first week of tournament games, Kaufman remains in unbeaten. In the bottom bracket, Mr. Trailer faced Blue Wave on Tuesday at Tuscora while B & L Transport took on Moose at Dover.