Wayne Holmes United Way director stepping down

Todd Jasin

By Josh Yoder
The Budget

The United Way of Wayne and Holmes counties announced recently that Executive Director Todd Jasin and his family will be relocating to Minnesota where he has accepted a new position.

Jasin has been a familiar face in the area since moving here just over six years ago. He originally was hired as the assistant director at United Way before becoming the executive director in 2015. He noted that this area is filled with generous people as well as businesses. “I’m extremely thankful for the community’s support of United Way,” he said. “Building relationships with our corporate partners, partner providers and donors has been such a valuable experience.”

He noted that working in this area has been fulfilling, and he is confident that the work in progress to reduce the number of people living in poverty in the area by 10,000 by 2025 is doable. “Our community is filled with compassionate, caring people, and I’ve had the honor of working alongside many of them,” he said. “I am thankful that we are now an issue-focused United Way, and we are seeing the benefits of working with people where they are to overcome obstacles and struggles in their daily lives.”

Current plans call for the Board of Trustees, led by President Pam Zanone, to appoint an interim executive director until the position is filled permanently. She noted that the mission and big goal of United Way of Wayne and Holmes remains the same: “Mobilizing community resources to help people measurably improve their lives.”

United Way allows access to programs that help residents get their lives on track. The group supports education by offering school-readiness programs and strengthens families by teaching and encouraging financial literacy and stability. They also open doors to health care, including mental health services for low-income residents. “Our commitment remains with the people and agencies supported by United Way,” Zanone said.

In addition, United Way responds to emergency needs of the community when they arise. The agency is able to provide food and clothing as needed. By partnering with agencies including the Viola Startzman Clinic, People to People Ministries, OneEighty, Goodwill of Wayne and Holmes and Anazao Community Partners, just to name a few, United Way is able to stay in touch with the community. The goal is to have less than 26,000 people (36,000 or 13 percent of the population) living in poverty in the area within the next seven years.

For more information about United Way of Wayne and Holmes counties, call 330-264-5576.