Cat-astrophe averted in Sugarcreek

Submitted photo. Tubar Eureka employee Rick Johnson works to free a kitten that became trapped in the wheel well of his Dodge truck.

By Beverly Keller
The Budget


Updated: June 15, 2018 at 4 p.m.

Imagine getting to work, shutting off the engine and hearing a precarious meow from the engine bay.

That is exactly what happened at Tubar Eureka today when employee Rick Johnson drove from Dover to Sugarcreek this morning. After hearing a noise coming from his vehicle when he was walking across the parking lot, Johnson paused.

Submitted photo. Tubar Eureka employees work to free a kitten that was trapped in the wheel well of Johnson’s truck.

He looked back. He thought. He started walking again. He paused and thought he heard a meow.

That is when the “Tubar Cat Rescue Team” sprang into action.

Johnson, along with Guy Schrock and Gina McCue, gathered around the vehicle. They listened and, indeed, the sound was a meow. The team sprung into action as Johnson shimmied under his vehicle to attempt to find the exact location of where the meow was coming from.

Together, the team located the kitten in the wheel well, and Johnson carefully extricated the frightened kitten and offered him the safety of a box at the business. The kitten is no worse for the wear but he may have used some of his nine lives as a hitchhiker this morning.

This tiny, adventuresome kitten is now named El. She was adopted by Kaela Keller on Thursday afternoon.

Submitted photo El is now a Keller thanks to Kaela Keller who adopted the 1.3 pound tiny and might bundle of joy who loves to purr.