Miller Avenue students celebrate Arbor Day in Sugarcreek

Joined by Sugarcreek Mayor Clayton Weller, students from Amy Stone’s second-grade class at Miller Avenue Elementary took part in Arbor Day festivities in front of the home of Freeman and Rhoda Mullet.

“This is something special to us,” Mayor Weller explained to the second-graders. “Trees are a big part of Sugarcreek, and the Mullets, do a lot for the town, so we are planting a special one right here. It will be very green in the summer and have really bright leaves in the fall.”

Weller praised the Mullets for their hard work behind the scenes in the community ranging from deadheading geraniums in the downtown area each summer to work on the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock throughout the year.

The students read a poem about trees as part of the ceremony.

In celebration of Arbor Day, the Village of Sugarcreek rewarded each student with a small pine tree to take home and plant. Weller noted Fiscal Officer Becky Crilow took the time to separate the seedlings and bag them up individually.