27 inducted into Garaway National Honor Society

Photo by Beverly Keller, The Budget. New inductees into the Garaway Chapter of the National Honor Society include: Front (l - r) Austin Fearon, Hayley Fantin, Adrianna Eicher, Baillie Donley, Victoria Deam, Zoe Bosler, Dennin Borter, Sarah Billman, Sara Beachy; middle (l - r) - Cameron Schlabach, Sydney Mullet, Sophia Mullet, Friedrick Mullet, Austin Monigold, Summer Miller, Carly Jacobs, Paige Hostetler, Jared Herman; back (l - r) - Olivia Young, Liz Yoder, Lance Yoder, Holden Yoder, Emma Warkall, Jocelyn Troyer, Emmie Troyer, Jaden Steel, Shelly Schlabach.

*This story first appeared in The Budget’s April 18, 2018, Local Edition.

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

Scholarship, leadership, character and service are the defining pillars of the National Honor Society. All were discussed, defined and applauded by current members in addition to faculty speakers a recent induction ceremony held at ProVia.

While there are minimum standards by the base organization, Gar- away raises the bar when it comes to scholarship to a GPA of 3.5 on the 4.0 scale up from 3.0 base requirement nationally. In addition, prospective members must not only exhibit but exemplify character by service and leadership.

Membership into the National Honor Society is not an honor simply handed out. Instead, it is something one must work for.

“You have earned this,” noted Principal Ryan Taggert in his address of the students. “You have each been chosen as a member and we are excited to see you grow.”

Current member Dawson Wade noted the importance of scholarship while Kayla Hunt spoke on leadership. Claudia Miller explained character while Jocelyn Miller shared the importance of service. Guest speaker for the event was past Garaway National Honor Society president and current Garaway teacher Luke Immel.

Jessica Schwartz, who serves as the advisor for Garaway’s chapter of the National Honor Society, shared that this year’s group left their mark. The group divided up into committees to tackle projects and create opportunities to impact others. They started the Buddy Program that paired members of National Honor Society and Student Council at Garaway with students at the elementary level throughout the district and a community movie night to raise base funds to be made available when needs community needs arise.

“These kids really worked hard to make a difference,” Schwartz said. “So many times they were off and running with a project that I had to really think about how much I had to do. Many times, they took care of everything, even the paperwork. They were a great group of young men and women. I’m excited to see what next year will hold for the new group.”

Officers for 2017-18 include:

  • President – Samantha Putt
  • Vice President – Christian Yoder
  • Secretary – Claudia Miller
  • Treasurer – Jocelyn Miller.

Inductees included: Sara Beachy, Sarah Billman, Dennin Borter, Zoe Bosler, Victoria Deam, Baillie Donley, Adrianna Eicher, Hayley Fantin, Austin Fearon, Jared Herman, Paige Hostetler, Carly Jacobs, Summer Miller, Austin Monigold, Friedrick Mullet, Sophia Mullet, Sydney Mullet, Cameron Schlabach, Shelly Schlabach, Jaden Steel, Emmie Troyer, Jocelyn Troyer, Emma Warkall, Holden Yoder, Lance Yoder, Liz Yoder, Olivia Young.

They joined current members, including: Bryce Bickford, Grace Chapman, Tyler Francis, Lindsey Goehring, Cade Hamsher, Trey Hershberger, Collin Hochstetler, Kayla Hunt, Anika Kaufman, Jason Keller, Dustin Kurtz, Kalyn Mast, Claudia Miller, Jocelyn Miller, Samantha Putt, Kassidy Reidenbach, Piper Schilling, Karson Schrock, Jerriann Sexton, Amanda Sharier, Cordell Shetler, Katelyn Shoup, Olivia Troyer, Dawson Wade, Jenna Walter, Brevin Weaver and Christian Yoder.

Music for the program was provided by Garaway seniors Kayln Mast, Jerriann Sexton and Anika Kaufman.