OneEighty seeking funds to build medical center, women’s residential treatment facility

Submitted photo. A new women’s residential treatment center will be constructed on Noble Drive in Wooster after the completion of OneEighty's $2 million Campaign for Recovery capital campaign.

*This story first appeared in The Budget’s March 21, 2018, Local Edition.

By Stacey Carmany
The Budget

In an effort to more effectively meet the growing need for substance abuse and addiction treatment services in Wayne and Holmes counties, OneEighty has launched a $2 million capital campaign known as the Campaign for Recovery. The money will be used to fund the construction of a new medical center and women’s residential treatment facility.

“Opiate addiction has destroyed lives, broken families, and taxed our community resources,” said Bobbi Douglas, executive director for OneEighty. “The tools and facilities of yesterday will no longer meet the service needs of Wayne and Holmes Counties, today or into the future. Our goal at OneEighty is to provide the best, most comprehensive recovery services available.”

Over the last four years, the or- ganizationhasseena40percentrise in admissions for its addiction treatment and recovery services, primarily as a result of the current opiate addiction crisis, according to Ty Young, resource development director for OneEighty.

“The tools that we had in place for so long and the facilities we had in place were meeting our needs. All of the sudden the opiate epidemic hits, and our needs changed not only for the type of services that we were providing and our facilities but the length of service changes as well,” he explained. “We’re treating more people for a longer amount of time.”

Realizing that its existing facilities and programs were becoming insufficient to meet the area’s grow- ing need, OneEighty began pursuing grant funding late last year for the construction of a new residential treatment center for women.

The proposed facility will be significantly larger than OneEighty’s existing women’s residential treatment center, with the ability to accommodate up to 16 patients and eight children at any given time.

Young explained that OneEighty already has a women’s residential treatment facility known as the Beacon House. The facility has a total of 12 beds available for patients, but whenever children come to stay with their mothers, it takes away from the number of beds available for treatment.

“With that increase, we’re essentially almost doubling the numbers that we have available with that,” he explained. “We’re going from 12 total beds to 24 total beds, with eight beds designated for children.”

The new Women’s Residential Center will be constructed on three acres of land on Noble Drive in Wooster that was donated to the organization by the Noble Foundation.

Once construction of the new facility is completed, the Beacon House will be transitioned into a supervised, step-down recovery house where residents can live while they obtain jobs or pursue educational opportunities. “We currently have five recovery houses that we operate, however, this one will be a 24-hour supervised recovery house,” Young explained. “It gives us another option for those who might not be ready to go to an unsupervised situation.”

In addition to the construction of a new treatment facility for women, OneEighty also has plans to use Campaign for Recovery funds to build a new medical center in previously undeveloped space on the second floor of its Gault Liberty Center office.

Young explained that the center will be staffed by Dr. Nicole Labor, OneEighty’s new full-time physician, and two full-time nurses and will be used primarily to provide medication-assisted treatment, considered to be one of the most effective tools to combat opiate addiction when used in conjunction with traditional treatments and counseling.

Although OneEighty has been offering medication-assisted treatment as part of its program for some time, it has not been offered in a clinical environment within OneEighty facilities, according to Young.

Additional space in the building will also be renovated to create new offices for OneEighty’s counselors and prevention and education staff.

Currently, the entire $2 million proj- ect is about 44 percent funded, with $890,000 already committed through grants and donations. Grant funding for the project includes $360,000 from Federal Home Loan Bank and $500,000 from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, with both grants earmarked for the residential treatment center.

In order to raise the remaining $1.1millionneedtofullyfundthe project, OneEighty is seeking community volunteers to serve as ambassadors for the project. “We’re looking for people who can help carry the torch for us, so to speak, and ask their friends and business associates to help with fundraising and to donate to our campaign,” Young explained.

He noted that OneEighty is hoping to have the necessary funds raised by late summer so that construction can get underway.

Interested volunteers and donors can contact Young directly by calling 330-804-3126.

OneEighty, formerly STEPS and Every Woman’s House, is a locally- run, nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of addiction. The organization has provided addiction prevention and treatment programs in the area for more than 40 years.