Cell phone repair available in Dover

Photo by Stacey Carmany. The staff at CPR Cell Phone Repair in Dover includes Gwendolynn Finton, Rebekah Hayman and owner Robert Basso.

*This story first appeared in The Budget’s March 14, 2018, Local Edition.

By Stacey Carmany
The Budget

CPR Cell Phone Repair is a new business in Downtown Dover that specializes in fast and efficient digital device repairs. But don’t let the name fool you because the store’s team of trained technicians can fix a lot more than just cell phones.

“If it’s a gadget, we fix it,” shared store owner Robert Basso, who runs the new CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise store on East Third Street in Dover that opened late last year.

In addition to helping customers remedy a variety of issues with their Android or Apple cell phones and tablets, and potentially saving them hundreds of dollars in replacement costs in the process, the store’s technicians are also trained to repair computers, video game systems and even drones, according to Basso.

“Of course, we do cell phones and tablets, so your iPads and Android tablets. Those are kind of in the norm, and of course things like battery replacements, screen replacements on phones,” he shared. “We also fix computers. We can tune up computers, do virus removal, hardware issues. Another really cool thing is we also fix gaming systems, so Xboxes and PlayStations. The plug-in ports where you plug things in get worn out, and they have to be soldered back on. We can do that, and we can even fix drones.”

While there are several other area businesses that service computers and a few individuals who repair cell phones and tablets independently out of their homes, Basso said he isn’t aware of many places in or around Tuscarawas County that fix gaming systems or work on drones. “Drones are really gonna be a big, big thing coming up in the future trends,” Basso said.

When it comes to cell phone repairs, Basso said what sets CPR apart from its competition is its nationwide lifetime warranty that covers defective parts and workmanship-related issues. “We make mistakes just like anyone else,” he said. “If we do, in the end the customer is still going to walk away winning in terms of we own up to it, and we fix it.”

Basso noted that one of the many advantages of the store becoming a part of the CPR network is that any warranties issued by the Dover store are also valid at any of the more than 400 franchise locations nationwide. “Above all, it’s just about taking care of each other and taking care of the customer,” he said.

In addition to electronic device repairs, many of which can be completed the same day, the store also carries cell phone accessories and pre-owned phones and is an authorized dealer of Otterbox LifeProof phone cases.

For pre-owned phones, Basso said he likes to try to find unlocked phones that can be activated for any carrier. If no unlocked phones are available, he said he tries to go with Verizon phones first because that’s the most popular carrier in the local area.

Basso noted that the franchise store will also soon be expanding its line of quality pre-used phones, thanks to the recent acquisition by its parent company of a large wholesale electronics operation, a move that will allow CPR to purchase large quantities of previously-used phones and push them down to its franchisees. “The whole goal is to bring the used devices in. They’re already checked, they’re clean, they work, and I’m going to offer a six-month warranty on them,” he said.

Prior to officially joining the CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise network last December, the Bassos operated another cell phone repair shop at the same location for several months under the name of Dover Cell Phone Repair.

Before that, they ran the business out of their home in Dover. “I started doing this out of my house a couple years ago and found out that my phone was ringing off the hook,” Basso explained. “That’s kind of what got me into going to brick and mortar,”

Basso explained that while his background is actually in accounting and app development, he began dabbling in cell phone repairs after the couple’s oldest daughter kept breaking her phone. “One day, I put an ad on Facebook after I started fixing her phone and then her friends’ phones and other people’s phones,” he recalled. “All of a sudden the whole world is like blowing me up, ‘Hey, can you fix my phone?’”

Since opening the store, Basso said the feedback from the community has been extremely positive. “It’s pretty neat to see people smiling because they don’t have to drive their kid up to Akron or Canton or just take all that time out of their day,” he said. “It’s been really, really a terrific response from the community, and I’m extremely thankful.”

CPR Cell Phone Repair of Dover is located at 300 East Third Street. The store can be reached by calling 330-440-6864.