Sugarcreek Street Department outlines paving plans for 2018

Photo by Beverly Keller. Potholes like this one are being targeted as part of the Village of Sugarcreek's road improvement plan for 2018.

*A version of this story first appeared in The Budget’s March 14, 2018, Local Edition.

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

A number of Sugarcreek roads are being targeted for repaving in 2018.

During a recent meeting of the Sugarcreek Village Council, Street Superintendent Matt Miller presented his list of road improvement projects for 2018.

Patching is done year-round with a budget of $12,000 for the year. Crack sealing will be done as needed at a cost of $10,500. Prep work for paving will be $19,500. In addition, several areas will be repaired with concrete totaling $12,500, as follows:

  • Zurich Street – 2 areas – 2,200 square feet – $8,800
  • Shepfler Drive – Apron off North Side of Maple at Commercial and Savings Bank – $2,000
  • Spohn Drive – Apron off south side of State Route 39 near Brick Town Tavern – $1,700

Total paving budget to be bid through the Tuscarawas County program is $357,340 based on 2017 prices.

Roads included in the plan, are:

  • Belden Circle (Belden Parkway to dead end)
  • Belden Parkway (39 to Maple Drive)
  • Maple Drive (1/2 from Belden Parkway to Edelweiss Drive)
  • Parkhill Drive (Edgemore Street to Edgemore Street)
  • Factory Street (39 to East Main Street)
  • Shepfer Drive (East Main to Maple Street)
  • Miller Avenue (93 to Fifth Street)
  • Zimmerman Drive (Miller Avenue to Finzer Drive)
  • Bern Street (93 to Luzern Street)
  • Zurich Street (lower part only); Troyer Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Jones Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Spohn Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Weller Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Fair Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Fredrick Drive (39 to 93)
  • Shane Drive (Troyer to 93)
  • Cross Street (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Arnold Drive (39 to Shane Drive)
  • Shane Drive (39 to 93).

Zurich, Belden Circle, Belden Parkway and Maple would get a 1-inch coating in 2018 followed by chip and seal in 2019.