Pomerene honors Kiersten Steiner with DAISY Award

Photo by Christine Quickel. The 2018 DAISY Award honoree Kiersten Steiner (center holding son Hudson Steiner), stood with (l - r) Tony Snyder, Pomerene CEO; Titus Steiner (husband) holding Graycen Steiner (daughter); Julia Klink, manager, Medical Surgical SCU; and Nicole Kolacz, Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President Patient Services for Pomerene.

*This story first appeared in The Budget’s Feb. 21, 2018 Local Edition

By Beverly Keller
The Budget

Extraordinary care is just one thing patients at Pomerene Hospital have come to expect. Administering that care is the job of each nurse, doctor and associate throughout the building.

The DAISY Award was created in the memory of J. Patrick Barnes and is given to extraordinary nurses across the country each year based on recommendations by patients. This year, the shock and surprise of Pomerene Medical – Surgical nurse Kiersten Steiner was shared by her family when she was honored last week.

“Kiersten [Steiner] has always been a winner with us,” explained Pomerene CEO Tony Snyder before reading from the nomination from a patient that stayed at Pomerene from January 28 – February 2.

“I had lots of people take care of me, but one, Kiersten, was top. She had a soft, kind and understanding heart,” Snyder shared from the nomination. “She was extraordinary. She was compassionate.Everyone was good, but Kiersten was great.”

The honor humbled the mother of two who works part-time at Pomerene. “I’m just doing my job, doing what I love,” Steiner explained. “It is an absolute honor to know that someone thinks that of me.”

When it comes to patient care, Steiner noted that each and every patient has her attention from start to finish. “I love each and every patient,” she said. “I care about each patient like they were my family member, and I treat them the way I would want them to be treated.”

“The values of being a good nurse, compassion, dedication and caring, fit with our culture here, perfectly,” explained Snyder. “This is who we are.”

When asked about what drove her to become a nurse, Steiner shared it started many years ago. “I started an LPN [Licensed Practical Nurse] program when I was in high school,” she said. “During that time, my brother [Clay] was diagnosed with cancer. During his whole journey of chemo and radiation, it really drove me more towards being a nurse because I wanted to care for every patient like they were my own family member.” Steiner has been part of the

Pomerene family of care for the past four years. She lives in Sterling and is currently back in school to earn her Bachelor’s degree.

The DAISY award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of the late J. Patrick Barnes who died at the age of 33 from the auto-immune disease. The family was in awe of the care they received and created the award to honor nurses who go above and beyond.