THE ONE & ONLY: Anthony Kaufman

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*This story originally appeared in the June 21, 2017 issue of The Budget’s Local Edition.

Some might say that working in the auction business is something that runs in Anthony Kaufman’s blood. And while that is true, conducting the auction itself is not in his job description.

“I can’t auctioneer a lick,” admitted David Anthony Kaufman, the second-generation partner and broker at the family business, Kaufman Realty and Auctions. “Don’t bother asking me to try. The couple times that I practiced on my own, I realized that I wasn’t good at it, and I didn’t really enjoy auctioneering.”

Instead, he grew into a role as broker and organizer.

When he’s not working behind the scenes, Kaufman said he enjoys traveling with his family, including wife Julie and teenage daughters Alexis and Kylee. He also likes pretty much anything outdoors including hiking, skiing and playing golf.

Full name: David Anthony Kaufman

Favorite television show: Billions

Favorite movie(s): Don’t know that I have a favorite; I like the big sweeping epics or movies dealing with African themes. Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, The Constant Gardner.

Last book I read: Messy, Tim Harford

First job: Helping my Uncle Willard deliver cantaloupe.

Worst job: I haven’t had a worst job. Every job has presented different likes and dislikes but all have contributed long term. For two summers during high school I did concrete flatwork; wheeling and finishing etc…it was definitely the most difficult physical work but it had its own rewarding qualities.

Favorite childhood memory: Summers outside, playing baseball with the neighbors, mom pitching to us, and dad hitting fly balls after an auction.

Favorite music: Probably as widespread as it can get. Every genre of music has something to like or dislike. Current go-to is ‘70s Rock, Roots or Folk Rock, Dawes, Ryan Bingham, or Fleetwood Mac.

Favorite food: I’m feeling a bit like a politician, but I don’t have one favorite food. If pressed I’d probably prefer a filet with mushrooms.

Best idea I ever had: Marrying Julie. Worst idea I ever had: Not finishing college.

Three words that describe me: Measured, intent, self-deprecating. I am known for: a willingness to hear opposing viewpoints and take in their information before finalizing a decision or opinion.

I’d give anything to meet: Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. Something about these men makes me feel they would be excellent dinner guests, open and easy to talk too.

The career I fantasize having is: Travel writer/blogger. Grandpa Schlabach passed on a wanderlust gene/bug to his children and grandchildren; I just waited to catch it until a little later in life.

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is: Honor your commitments, if you always tell the truth it makes it a lot easier to remember what you said.

The one thing I would still like to try is: Kinda tough to limit it to one. I need to ski the peak at Big Sky Montana, go skydiving with Alexis (daughter) and hike Kilimanjaro with Uncle Larry, Aunt Cindy and Jeremy Kauffman.

If I could give any gift to anyone in the world, it would be: Knowledge of mistakes I’ve made so they won’t trip over the same stumbling blocks. Sounds cliché but when older and wiser people give you advice on learning from their mistakes, listen.

If given the opportunity, I would ask the President: Whether we agree or disagree on your decisions, why is it necessary to attack every critical voice? Addressing them only gives them validation.

People tell me I remind them of: My dad, David Wayne Kaufman.

Choose a movie title for the story of your life: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Just kidding, I have no idea.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Why? Time travel, specifically the ability to go back in time. I want to eat Grandma Schlabach’s corn mush while she tells me how good it is, sit on Grandpa Kaufman’s porch and listen to him, Uncle Adrian and Dad talk about anything and everything while we eat popcorn and drink grape juice. But more than anything enjoy my daughters as little girls without rushing them to grow up.

Organizations: Board Member for the Forest of Hope Foundation and Towards the Goal Ministries; former trustee for the Rainbow of Hope Foundation and the Hardwood Furniture Builders Guild; served on various church boards at Mennonite Christian Assembly.

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