Buckeye Career Center donates to Friends of the Homeless

Submitted photo. Dara Covan, Becky Everhart, Ashley Beckley, Calvin White, Tashina Kissinger, Scott Minor, Superintendent Bob Alsept, and Sherry Cardani pose for a photo with some of the food items Buckeye Career Center donated to Friends of the Homeless of Tuscarawas County.

*This article originally appeared in The Budget’s Jan. 3, 2018 Local Edition.

Buckeye Career Center staff recently donated a processed hog and non-perishable food items to Friends of the Homeless of Tuscarawas County as part of the staff’s annual donation drive.

The group, which includes teachers, support workers, administration and others, raised $1,081. The money was used to purchase a hog exhibited at the 2017 Tuscarawas County Fair by Buckeye junior Cosmetology student, Ashley Beckley.

The hog was purchased for $724.50 or $3.50 a pound. The meat was processed at Buckeye Career Center by the Meat Cutting, Deli, & Bakery program, under the instruction of Scott Ripley.

The remaining money was used to purchase 72 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 48 jars of peanut butter, 30 jars of grape jelly, 32 boxes of mashed potatoes, 36 cans of green beans, 36 cans of corn, 36 cans of sliced carrots, 36 boxes of spaghetti, 24 jars of spaghetti sauce and 36 cans of fruit cocktail.

The effort was spearheaded by Buckeye Career Center Behavior Management Specialist/In School Suspension Instructor Scott Minor and Superintendent’s Secretary Sherry Cardani. Minor worked to collect pledges and donations and bid on Beckley’s hog at the4-H Junior Fair Auction. “An endeavor of this undertaking does not happen without lots of support. I truly appreciate the impact we can have as a staff when we are all focused on one goal,” Minor explained.

Representatives from Friends of the Homeless, including Director Calvin White, Lead House Manager Tashina Kissinger, Office Manager Becky Everhart and Intern Dara Covan stopped by Buckeye Career Center to pick up the donations.

Submitted by Buckeye Career Center